• About Dr. Tonya Williams

    Dr. Tonya Williams is an anointed preacher, prophetess and teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with authority, revelation and deliverance. She serves in various facets of ministry as a counselor, teacher, mentor, intercessor and administrator just to name a few. Her love for people radiates through her dedication and excellence in ministry.

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More about Dr. Tonya Williams

Dr. Williams is the founder of the multi-faceted Dr. Tonya Williams Ministries. With an accurate and authentic prophetic anointing, she is often called upon to speak life- changing words to God’s people via conferences, workshops, retreats and seminars. Her passion is to see the people of God prosper in all facets of their lives. Dr. Williams also develops instructional media to assist in the edification of the body of Christ.

Dr. Williams is dedicated to heralding a message that brings inspiration, encouragement, and effective change to those who embraces the Word of God. She is the host of a yearly prayer conference entitled the Intercessory Prayer Summit where many are catapulting into their next dimension in prayer. She is also the initiator and lead intercessor of the Keeping the Momentum Prayer Group, a weekly conference call dedicated to intercessory prayer. Dr. Williams also host of Hallelujah Hour on
LifeZone TV. She empowers God’s people through the Holy Spirit, to rise above their current circumstances and to pursue the plans that God has for their lives.

Dr. Williams is the CEO and Founder of Walking on Water Coaching & Mentoring LLC., wherein she functions as a coach, mentor, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. She encourages, inspires, and uplifts individuals, through creative coaching and mentoring experiences enabling them to live up to their highest dreams. Currently, Dr. Williams has a mentoring program for the women called The Fabulous 10.

She is also the CEO and Founder of Visionaries, Women on the Move Inc., a non-profit women’s organization which develops support initiatives to empower women to attain their goals and achieve success.

Dr. Williams is also a lifelong learner that has obtained two Masters Degrees and a Doctorate in Theology. She continues to pursue God’s purpose for her life… Not My Will Lord, But Yours Be Done.

Dr. Williams Mantra: “Where you are now is NOT your final destination…God has more for you!”